It is that time of Year

Posted: May 25, 2017 in Uncategorized

At the end of every year, I try and write something to the staff I am lucky enough to work with each and every day. This is for the year of 2016 – 2017.

Dear Friends,

Each year I always reflect on my growth and how interaction and connections have changed me in some way. During my reflection this year, it was not one big ole moment or one large ka-pow – it was all these little moments.

And as I remembered one moment another popped into my head and then another, the next thing I know I am smiling.

All because of the moments I shared with incredible educators.

– Thank you for opening your doors and letting me connect with your class, sorry I made some of them cry.

– Thank you for sharing with me, sorry for any time I didn’t listen better.

– Thank you for sharing pictures of your grandbabies, your fur babies, your weddings, your celebrations, sorry I swiped over to the next picture that was ….well nevermind.

– Thank you for trusting me and trying things, sorry if I ever pushed too hard.

– Thank you for laughing at my jokes, sorry if I ever snorted at my own joke.

– Thank you for teaching me all sorts of games to play, sorry when I whooped yer butts!

– Thank you for taking leaps, sorry if I ever beamed with so much pride I teared up.

– Thank you for your kind words, sorry if I didn’t slow down to appreciate them more.

Thank you for letting me into your lives, I am better because of you and I could never be sorry for that.

Thank you for the 2016 -2017 School Year.


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I have to find a yoga class tomorrow. It has been icy and cold and down right neck breaking risk to walk .. my dog is unhappy. Today was a long day at work and then I met with some fun folks and talked about some of the awesomeness in education. It was good but I have been forcing myself to stay awake. I think I will try and zzzzzz and then get up and do some work. Tomorrow starts another hockey weekend.

Here we go.


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It was a long day. A good long day but long enough. I still forced myself look up a yoga class for tomorrow and here I am blogging. It was also freezing rain today and my car was covered in ice. I spent few minutes each time I went to get into the car to try and I would try and pick off ice and hoped and hoped I would get one big ole piece.


Sitting in Starbucks.

Posted: January 12, 2017 in BYW, Uncategorized

Yes. I am back and still in aww how it makes me feel like I am either some fancy writer or a some deeply haunted poet or something. I am also pretty impressed that these folks here do not give a second glimpse that I did not order one thing and this time I was even so, ballsy to bring my own water mug in…. they don’t care. There are no snickers or chatter about my cheap ole self. It is kinda nice to not feel … judged.

Tonight I also had to choose between yoga and blogging they bother kinda fit into my night and I didn’t know which way I wanted to roll. My hamstrings were trying to woo me to a yoga basics class to just open myself up by my music was pulling me into Starbucks to listen and work.. Starbucks won.

It makes me just reflect on choices… was it the right one?

How might my body felt if I chose the other? What would have been different? Does it really matter…. anyway.

I am happy to write.


Today Reminded…

Posted: January 11, 2017 in BYW
  1. I love working with teachers
  2. I am so impressed with the folks I am lucky enough I get to work with.
  3. Keeping resolutions is difficult but not impossible.
  4. Dinner is overrated.
  5. Music really makes me happy and other also.
  6. Yoga can make you hurt for days… ow my triceps.
  7. People are brave.
  8. Hearing stories of people is just my total fave.
  9. Boy my pillows are fantastic.
  10. I couldn’t stop at 9. :/