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Where is my craft services table? Where is my assistant? Where are my questions James Lipton? I need to tell the world that other any profession beside my own I wish to try is to be a Home Shopping Network host and my favorite curse word is…*takes a small breath*  ah well..not going to be happening anytime soon but it is the path I choose. (Did I tell you all I was a theatre major for most of my college career?….Maybe explains some things.)

This all got me to thinking why I do love teaching…I know I do cause sometimes the worse part of my job is choosing what to wear each day. (oh to be able to teach every day in yoga pants…dreams dreams) And I love it more than just the 3 typical reasons – June, July and August – *insert rimshot*.

And low and behold, I present to you –  last Thursday. A 6th grader approached me after class and asked if I had any extra mice because his family just got their first computer but it didn’t come with a mouse. I have to assume it was a hand me down.I have a bucket of mice that are just collecting dust, so it was pretty simple to find one for him.

After giving it to him, he thanked me started to head out of my lab, but took a moment and asked very simply “How much do I owe you?”

My face warmed and I told him “just a couple A’s on your next report card.”

His response “I can do that now.”

Will technology magically make him a straight A student? No. Does he now have a tool to aide him in his learning? Yup.

It is these small moments I am gifted with weekly by my students that make me love teaching. So thanks Dago, thanks Shakia, thanks Juan, thanks ‘Fred’, thanks Teddy, thanks Busy Lizzy, thanks to all the students who are swirling in my mind making me smile as I write.


Access Vs. Ownership

Posted: February 2, 2012 in New Idears.

It hit me today … Kapow! As I work with teachers to release their attachment to paper and using copies within their classrooms that I am essentially asking them to choose between – ownership and access.

There is Ownership: The pleasure of the warm papers just out of the copy machine, holding that perfect piece of lined paper with your hands, seeing the post-it stuck to the corner of your desk, owning the paper, knowing it is yours, knowing it is your place to doodle upon!

Then there is Access: Wherever you go, it is there without having to fling a 12 lb bag over your shoulder.  Storage galore up in the cloud and accessing with just a 12 character alpha numeric password! No more “I just had that …. (insert french word) …. paper.” No more paper clips unclasping, no more staplers getting jammed, no more file folders, no more papercuts!

Yes a world like that can exist. Honestly.

But there is a security that comes along with ‘owning’ a piece of paper and there is a sort of mourning period that comes with transitioning from ownership to access, like realizing you no longer will stock up on .1 cent back to school notebooks and folders… Even I shed a tear over that one. It may seem impossible for some but the freedom that comes from giving your trust over to the all elusive cloud is exhilarating. It does mean that if you give yourself over to this cult of access that you will never have the stresses of forgetting that notebook at home again or you will never fret again when you lose your flashdrive.. but meh.. who needs that freedom, really?