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Best part of my job is hearing the stories of so many people. I am incredibly lucky. One story I will never forget will be from an office amazing woman, Edy. She is the quintessential on the spot Johnny .. you name is she could do it and fast.

Well one day we were chatting and we talked about our mothers and family traditions and what not. I begin to relay the story about how my mom (who is only goes to church for wedding, funerals, baptisms and so on…) would sneak into our rooms at night and put holy water on our heads before we went on a trip.¬†Mind you … this was holy water given to her by my grandmother…. 10 years ago, well now prolly about 25 years ago at this point and yes she still has this bottle. – We didnt travel much-

The story continues and Edy begins to tell me that her mother puts holy water in a Febreeze bottle and sprays everyone who enters her house.

I love stories….