Resources & Samplings

School Collaboration Sites

Evergreen Park School District 124         Troy30c School District  

Lemont School District 113a                      Tarkington School (CPS)


Field Trips without Permission Slips                                   Real Extensions of the GC

Data Leader

Data Presentation

Professional Learning

Powerful Impactful Professional Learning

CPS Tech Talk Presentation

Try the Presentation out in an iBook.

Try the Presentation out in a PDF.

Lots of Goodies to be Had!

Tarkington School Resource Page

iPads and Apps and More

The Junk Drawer

The Tech Stand

How To Make a Google Form!

Check Out These Amazing Achievements

Book Club Collaborations (password: ccs)

Let’s Pick a Newbery Winner

Instant Feedback in the Classroom

Writer’s Workshop

The Twittering Machine

Beta vs. Goldfish Election

Election e-Book

Election Campaign Video

Native Americans Student Resources


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