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Pigeon on your Shoulder

Posted: October 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

Yes… this man has a pigeon on his shoulder. What you cant see is that he also has a leash and a cage for this pigeon. I sat in Starbuck and just stared and not just because it was something I had never seen before or the fact .. well let’s be honest it was a bit strange. But I stared but they were both so happy. The man and the bird. How lucky. And how lucky I was to be in that Starbucks at that time to see it.

It is kinda awesome that we get to have these experiences in our life.

I wonder what they are doing now….IMG_6116


Like many of my fellow chirpers I am regularly amazed at what I learn on Twitter, connects me to educators all over and every so often I am led to a video which illicits a lil giggle. But here is a story I was not expecting.

Last year I landed upon a Tweet by @mskbordner – aka – Katie Bordner giving an all call to let us know that she had signed up for free conference: #edcampchicago at East Leyden High School. Should I join here? Well.. what could it hurt so I signed up.  Still didn’t know if I would have the time or gumption to go and back then I had no idea what the heck an edcamp was anyway. But heck, as my husband says “everything is better when it is free.”

In the end I do attend #edcampchicago put on by folks like @jmarkeyAP – aka- Jason Markey and @mrsebiology – aka – Terie Englebretch and it just about ruined me for all other conference experiences. I sat down in the East Leyden library waiting to figure out what the heck I was to do next, occasionally I glanced up and looked for @mskbordner or another tweeter @@KarynTeaches – aka – Karyn Keenan. Would I recognize them? Would they recognize me? How do you approach someone you only met on Twitter? Golly Gee! Just as @jmarkeyAP started speaking someone plopped down next to me and holy mackerel it is @MsLaidler – aka – Autumn Laidler. I follow her on Twitter and I observed in her classroom…so I sat there for a bit before I actually told her about our connections and how odd it was that she plopped right down next to me! Crazy!

I did meet other Twitter friends later in the day and I wanted to hug them without even thinking about it. But here comes the weird part.. I mean the more weird part.

In about 4 days I am starting my shiny new job @cathcookschool as a technology specialist.(Uh-huh I am counting down. ) A day or two ago I get this:

What the?! And there you have it, I was meeting folks from Catherine Cook School before even starting. @klhellerman – aka – Katie Hellerman and I have chatted and now I can’t wait to meet her. She is reason number 73 I am bubbling to start my new job. Wowza!

Once again, the power of Twitter reveals itself.