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I almost busted out with Babs.. thought it better I not. I applied to be a Certified Innovator through Google. A long long shot but I don’t care… I loved the process. The questions on the application had me do some reflecting and thinking about my purpose and vision. Along with that I had to make a 1 minute video about my vision. As I was thinking about what to do, I realized real quick that it wasn’t the what it was the -who-.

And I have met a lot of people through my professional journey and I wouldn’t change a thing.Here is the videos of all my someones.


It. Is. Done.

Posted: January 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

I applied to become a Google Certified Innovator…first time I ever applied to be anything at Google.

It was a whirlwind. Sunday I was following the Twitters and stayed most of my morning on #gafesummit. BAM. Some lovely person posts about Google Certified Innovator and I was off to the races.

11:10 – Read Tweet about Google Certified Innovator
11:11 – Headed to Google Certified Innovator Website
11:14 – Started to apply to take Level 1 and Level 2 Certification
11:15 – Went to Check out with my Card.. wait where is my wallet…”LILY! Do you have my wallet? Dan did you move my purse? “…oh crude where is it?…
11:23 – Found, Paid, Wait.
11:59 – Confirmation Email that my Exam was Ready.
12:02 – Start Exam… realize I have to turn on my webcam…head to the bathroom, brush my hair, put on some lip gloss
12:10 – Return and flip on Webcam
1:46 – Finish Level 1
1:47 – Do laundry as I wait
2:02 – PASS
2:10 – Start Level 2 …yes.. I did.
2:11 – Turn on Webcam. No surprises this time!
3:34 – Finish Exam. Wait…Wait… Wait… this one was a wee bit tougher.
3:41 – PASS
4:00 – Order Pizza so the Children do not STARVVVVVVEEEEE
4:10 – Begin Application
5:00 – Remind the Teenagers to start Homework
5:01 – Call my mom
5:04 – Let the Dogs Out – WOO WOO
5:07 – Yell at the dogs to come in… bribe them with a cookie.. cause it is SO cold.
5:09 – Remember to pee.
5:12 – Back in Business
9:00 – Force myself to stop
11:57 – Last time I looked at the clock as I tried to not think about my application and sleep.

Monday Morning

5:00 – Wake and tweak my Slide Deck
6:00 – Make lunches, shower, pack the bags, squeeze some OJ, make sure my boots match, Warm up the Car
6:32 – Drop my Son off at his Hockey School
6:51 – Arrive at School – Set up for Assessments
7:00 – 3:45 – Think about my Application All Day and work on it any chance I got
4:15 – Went to local Sushi place so the children will not STARVVVVVVEEEEE
4:30 – Eat, Remind my children and husband to NOT have a wasabi contest
5:00 – Finishing Touches
5:59 – Am I really doing this?
6:00 – No
6:01 – Yes
6:02 – This is silly
6:03 – Walk Away
6:08 – I can’t ask anyone to take a risk if I can’t do it myself.
6:10 – Submit… what the heck
6:15 – Bath
6:45 – This Post
6:52 – Publish