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ISAT Prep…. Please?

Posted: March 15, 2012 in Apps., New Idears.

Forewarning, this is one of the posts I had a brainstorm to write about in the middle of the night, started it and then, well lets say I have quite a few “drafts”….
But a few months later I am back at it!

As the 3rd grade iPad classrooms continue to explore and explode their classrooms with these personal devices, one of the most surprising incidents came during ISAT test prep. I haven’t met a teacher who enjoys test prep or a student for that matter, this brings us to a benchmark year in 3rd grade. As I sat in the back of the room observing so that I could give some support to the teacher, our story begins to unfold….

As the teacher begin to pass out papers with an example of an extended response which scored a 4, I sat in the back of the room and cringed! Cringed but jotted down a little note about a new direction we could take for the same task. Then after school we worked and uploaded another example in the form of a PDF up to her website. Again returning to the thinking of  letting go of old ways…which is difficult! This way students could access it whenever they needed and.. and.. and they could annotate on it! Make notes, comments, ask questions. The annotating worked so wonderfully that students weren’t ready to give it up! They began to take pictures of their own work and color code their papers then self-assess. What can it be true…why yes yes it was they were checking their own work! (I can almost hear the angels sing). We gave kids the power and they took charge of their own learning.

I am not even mentioning they were begging for ISAT practice when the teacher used the Socrative app with them! It had them begging from all corners of the room “Can we practice for ISAT again?”