Sitting in Starbucks.

Posted: January 12, 2017 in BYW, Uncategorized

Yes. I am back and still in aww how it makes me feel like I am either some fancy writer or a some deeply haunted poet or something. I am also pretty impressed that these folks here do not give a second glimpse that I did not order one thing and this time I was even so, ballsy to bring my own water mug in…. they don’t care. There are no snickers or chatter about my cheap ole self. It is kinda nice to not feel … judged.

Tonight I also had to choose between yoga and blogging they bother kinda fit into my night and I didn’t know which way I wanted to roll. My hamstrings were trying to woo me to a yoga basics class to just open myself up by my music was pulling me into Starbucks to listen and work.. Starbucks won.

It makes me just reflect on choices… was it the right one?

How might my body felt if I chose the other? What would have been different? Does it really matter…. anyway.

I am happy to write.



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