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At the close each year, each school, each project, I try and compose a letter to illustrate or capsulate the time shared. This year… I wrote one for the Warriors with which I have worked at Old Quarry.

“Dear Warriors,

When I typed that word, Warrior, I became Olivia Pope right out of Scandal (a great show, if you haven’t jumped in on it). Now, I am not saying I turned into one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, no. I am saying, I became someone who works with Warriors. Olivia would call you Gladiators, I call you Warriors.

Why does Ms. Pope call her colleagues, Gladiators?  For the same realize, today I call you Warriors – she realizes, her team is not just your average everyday people, they are beyond.  

There are 11 Rules to be a Gladiator – Warrior

Rule #11 You know normal is overrated and here at OQ, normal is not an option.

Rules #10 You can ruin a man’s life. Or you can elevate him to his best and here at OQ, that is capacity we have – to elevate our kiddos far beyond.

Rule #9 You can turn a homeless man into a super hacker spy and here at OQ, we all turn normal students into incredible, smart, wonderful adolescents.

Rule #8 The gladiator you save then teaches another protégé to follow his path and here at OQ, the legacy we build in each student will be passed on long after they leave Old Quarry.

Rule #7 Sometimes the work involves digging up dirt and here at OQ, we have to dig deep, real deep sometimes, to get find what makes students’ light bulbs click on.

Rule #6 So you can look pretty and talk pretty as you’re blackmailing someone and here at OQ, sometimes we have to really work at smiling while we are trying to explain to students why they should not stick gum on the carpet.

Rule #5 In every situation, you walk the fine line between being a human and a gladiator and yes, at OQ, we have to balance being human and being a educator and that is not always easy. 

Rule #4 You have to stay professional — even with a person who killed your boyfriend and put you close to jail and yes here at OQ, we have to stay professional even after the students …broke our stapler, left used tissue on our floor and when they swarm us and repeat our name 17 times.

Rule #3  Well, when you can spare a tiny bit, it’s reserved for your family of gladiators and here at OQ, our families look forward to having us back after May 27th.

Rule #2 You live on the dark side of the moon, or you work for someone who does and there are only a few things that only OQ teachers can relate to, dare I say rooms with no windows with an odd humming.

Rule #1 You always wear the white hat and look good in it too and yes, here at OQ, we always look good. Always.
Warriors,  you have inspired me each and every day. 

Thank you for the 2015 -2016 School Year.


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