And now it takes precedence…

Posted: May 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

So, if I thought about it, my list of to-dos it a little scary. Particularly since I have two big consulting projects, two classes in which I am a student and two Graduate classes in which I am the educator…

Reminds me of that scene in You Got Mail where Tom Hanks introduces his uncle who is a 6 year old….I digress.

I also am designing two online learning experiences for new classes at a Middle School, getting ready to double my caseload of teachers, a pile of amazing books, an upcoming one of a kind workshop on Saturday and on a team who is hosting a conference at my school. So it seems I could start somewhere, right?


I wanted to be back here, writing, experiencing the feelings I spoke about yesterday. Short sentence encouraged me to come back here. People really could not understand the capacity they have to help you be better. They couldn’t, could they?

I mean if we really understood that capacity we had wouldn’t we always work to give that to people? It doesn’t cost anything but a few truthful words, right? I mean some people understand. Otherwise I would not want to be here in my blog as opposed to my list of tasks. Wonderful tasks, ones that are thrilling me beyond belief but they do not give me the feeling of dissolving into myself with those that encourage this feeling.

Maybe now I can work.. maybe I will post again.


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