Professional Learning at ICE 2016

Posted: February 26, 2016 in Uncategorized

The ICE Conference is in full swing in St. Charles, IL. It is always such a fun time. The learning is remarkable but there is also this perfect time where I get to reconnect with so many colleagues from former schools where I have worked.

I get these amazing hugs and usually I am not a hugger at ICE I LOVE them – Today I even had a double hugger!

And on Tuesday, I was honored to be joined by an incredible bunch of educators who are leading the charge to support and serve teachers in their learning. Daniela Fountain and I guided about 25 coaches and administrators through an experience in leading professional development.

The energy in the room was infectious and they were all smiles as we asked them to take a walk-about, draw pictures, share ideas, role play and even share stories. 🙂 It was great (I am still smiling about the Salisbury Steak story)

So a big thank you to…

  • Kristin who has so many opportunities for growth in Orland Park
  • Breann, Dawn, Gina and Stephanie who undoubtedly bring humor and fun to SD54
  • Courtney who leads her District with passion that is undeniable
  • Erica whose smile is contagious and watch out Huntley she has something big planned
  • Andrew who will be bringing some big questions back to his High School
  • Angel and Dana who will be amazing supports for each other
  • Jennifer who is determined to change mindset!
  • Martha who has such an adventure ahead of her, I can’t wait to hear about the greatness
  • Lynne who is helping teachers share their student’s work outside the classroom walls
  • Karen who nurtures new teachers in SD73 by being present for them in their classrooms and is a mad tweeter sharing out such great resources
  • Stacy and Gail who are looking for new and creative ways to reach their staff –  You are very lucky to have each other
  • Lindsay who connects the arts and learning and joy
  • Edith and Julie who work with patience and kindness engaging those who don’t feel comfortable with tech
  • Sandra so thoughtful in finding ways to streamline tech integration across large district to leverage student vertical articulation and experiences
  • Janet was so incredibly kind and willing to openly share! What a kind spirit.

Good Luck on all of you as your continue your journeys! Always reach out and Maintain that Momentum!


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