#besomeone on an Institute Day

Posted: February 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

Today, I had the great pleasure of being part of a learning day with Dr. Voltz. We did some deep diving into the Danielson Model, putting the teachers’ in the seat of an evaluators and hashed out some reflecting on our own teaching and learning. It was wonderful time to just explore and question each other in a safe environment as we move to building a District that is comfortable with authentic feedback.

I do hope the practice continues and continues.

Besides allowing us to do some digging, he also told lots of stories which frankly I appreciate. And yes.. he told a #besomeone story.

Dr. Voltz spoke of Coach/Social Studies teacher who was in one of his sessions. This gentleman was 50 years old and his District had recently moved to the Danielson Model. This teacher had received his evaluation and got 2’s across the board. According to the teacher this meant he would be riffed at the end of the year as his evaluation was the lowest in the school.

Dr. Voltz told us how the teacher came up to him on a break just after they had finished an activity. This activity which called for the participants to watch a video of a class and write down strategies that were observed to improve student engagement. This veteran teacher   was visibly upset as he recalled his evaluation story to Dr. Voltz and asked him to help.

This is how is played out –

Teacher: Can you help?

Dr. Voltz: Did you write down any of the strategies from the video?

Teacher: Yes. 15.

Dr. Voltz: That is a start. Also I would recommend you setting a video camera recording yourself implementing those strategies and then ask your administrator to revisit your class.

And the professional development day continued on…

The Dr. Voltz got a little side tracked about unknown cell phone numbers and a hit and run… (again, I totally loved his stories) but he circled back around to tell us how the Coach/Teacher had called him months later to thank him and tell him that he did implement the strategies.. the admin did come back… and he received a 3+ rating.

Now I don’t know if I love the idea of ‘rating’ or giving numbers to good teaching but I do understand how the Danielson Model can start and aide in setting the stage for good feedback.

What I do know… that story was Dr. Voltz being #besomeone and it made me smile.


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