Posted: February 7, 2016 in #besomeone, Uncategorized

I have been in the Edtech game, yes I will call it that for now as it is where I started…integrating technology into education. It is still what a lot of folks think, I do and that is ok. I do explain it as best I can but really what I want to say when people ask what I do is…I try to be a someone.

I love age of  Learning in which I live. I love the exploration and access it has afforded me, the connections it has allowed me to make, to keep, and the wonderfully innovative passionate people it has afforded to observe and admire.  And the tools are incredible. These free tools of creation and assistance still blow me away that I am able to use them at will. The possibilities of what I can do with them are remarkable.

But the one thing that has surprised me about these digital tools and the process of “integrating technology into the classroom” is the avenue to positively effect so so many people. And most the time I didn’t even realize it was occurring. Months, years later I have been approached by educators that comment on an interaction we have had, sometimes it is not even about pedagogy or devices.

The one story that always sticks with me is after I left Chicago Public Schools system, a teacher I worked with came up to me at a conference 2 years later and told me about a day I was in her classroom (I didn’t remember the day as she did or the details…but now I won’t forget it). I had come into her classroom to work with her kiddos about the iPads they had just received. She talked and laughed and had a perfectly great day with her students. Later when we were reunited she told me of her fertility struggles and how on that very day she was struggling with the disappointment of the process.

And 2 years later she thanked me for my enthusiasm and joy on that day.

If I never had another story that to tell it would be enough to make each smile I offer someone …worth it. But the stories kept coming in. I was making difference big and small with these teachers. These teachers who wanted nothing more but to be the best for the kiddos they taught and I was helping make it happen!

I was someone to someone. I made someone happy. I gave someone that reminder to try something new. I was someone to another who needed it.

And so…my #besomeone begins.



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