It Makes Me Think…

Posted: June 3, 2015 in Uncategorized


So first off – yes it is true Starbucks will pay for their employees to get an education – tuition free from Arizona State University. Pretty Much – Awesomeness.

Now On to the Post:

This quest to write more so that I breed creativity and explore how it effects my work, my outlook and all that good stuff. I actually noticed something today! I was headed off to school today, driving along and I note the arm of a School Bus extending as I stop I get a chance to watch the kiddos get on the bus for their last day of school. All gussied up and looking cheerful as ever. So naturally you are thinking.. of course here is her philosophical expounding of the end of the year reflect, but no! No it is not!

Suspense builds….

As the kiddos got situated on the bus, I noticed the driver picking up her walkie talkie thing and speak to the kids on her bus, the smile on her face wide and her eyes lit up. Now mind you I didn’t hear what she said but in my mind I knew she was welcoming them onto the bus for the last time as 2nd grader or 5th grader or telling them how amazing they looked that morning or thanking them for the amazing year ever.

Maybe there are more Energy Busses around than we even know.


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