Posted: June 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

Two things today.

1. I have tried to write this post from home. I couldn’t bring myself to get started.

2. I am in a Starbucks again … and so I write. What do they put in these green teas!

I have just finished listening to the book – The Energy Bus (and just a shiny ball note, I believe this is one of the books which was well worth the listen rather then the traditionally reading it. It was so well done the story inspired and the dialogue jumped off the page, bringing me to tears at the end…Digression wins again).

The main character was Joy, a bus driver, who she spoke of these amazing life lessons all taking place in the bus which with she drove. Incredible outlooks and thoughtfulnesses but what struck me most is the way that the universe can work if we allow it.

The main character, George’s car breaks down which causes him to take the Joy’s bus for two transformative weeks. When his “ride”is finally over he heads to the mechanic to pick up the car and the girl behind the counter was wearing a name tag – you guessed it – Joy.

Then as he was leaving the girl called out after him “enjoy your car”. He reflected on how the universe was giving him signals that he was moving in the right direction, reassuring him.

Were the connections already there before and not noticed or is there some insane force working that suddenly puts these connections in our paths?  As educators can we work harder to reveal these connections to our teacher friends? Our students? Our Administration?

WAIT- Stop the show… Starbucks sponsors its employees to take online classes to get their college degrees…yes these baristas are discussing it now…must investigate. Follow up to come.


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