Another Day, Another Starbucks.

Posted: May 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

I took a risk, threw caution to the wind and ….. I sat in one of the comfy chairs. I never do. For some unexplainable reason I think they are more germy then rather chairs but by golly gee I am sitting in the comfy chairs… it could have something to do that they are in another location and of course I have made the leap to believe they cleaned them when they moved them. Last night. Before anyone sat in them. So I am the first one who is sitting here, of course.

Meh. It isn’t too bad. It is almost seeing Starbucks from another viewpoint. This is a regular Starbucks for me as it is across the street from my son’s school. I never noticed this picture of wonderfully beautiful dark women with yellow buckets on their head, in their arms walking in a rural area. Their faces are telling me a stories. I could have missed them if I didnt look at this Starbucks differently.

Maybe when it comes to collaborating teachers who are struggling with the change and redefinition of teaching and learning. Could it be that we need to help them step out of their comfort zone with the parameters they set to help them feel “ok” with sitting comfy chairs. What could help a teacher be “ok” with leveraging Google or mixed aged classrooms or mastery learning or a student centered classroom? If a struggling teacher could say “I would do X, if L,M,N occurred” Have I ever asked a teacher that? Maybe in some round about way but not giving appropriate time for them to really think on it.

And I have to say… this chair is really great.


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