So I am Mildly Obsessed with Starbucks as of Late

Posted: May 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Honestly, I feel like I am always talking about Starbucks lately. Could it be my obsession with peach green tea lemonades that are only available in the summer? Or the new Ham and Cheese fold-overs (which are so good by the way)? Anyway one of the numerous Starbucks I have been visiting (also I refuse to tabulate how much money I have spent at Starbucks… jut fyi), there is this greeter, Jen. Each morning she greets me with “Hi the Jen what can we get for you” and then she calls me hun and her voice sings, chipper, happy, joyful.

I am not going to lie, first day I heard it, it was nails on the chalkboard, I groaned in my head and muttered – are you kidding me? But again I came back the next day and there I was listening to Jen and I told her my order and prayed she didn’t want to talk to me at the pickup window.

Then today, there Jen was again:

“Hi this is Jen, what can we get you?”
“Trenta Peach Green Tea Lemonade and a Ham and Cheese Fold Over”
“Sure thing, hun we will see you at the window”

This time she made me smile, really smile and thinking how great it was that she was there, then it got better. So as I started to pull forward, I heard the person behind me:

“Hi this is Jen, what can we get you?”
“Hi Jen this is Sue, how are you?”
“Oh Sue, struggling but what will you do? Hanging in there! Will you have the regular?”
“Yes Jen, see you at the window”

The regular? She knew Sue’s order… just like that. Even more Jen was just ‘hanging in there?’…would have never guessed.

Tomorrow I will tell her I appreciate her attitude.

Can we realize that some of our happiest kids are ‘hanging in there’ but still are expected to collaborate, create, innovate, communicate, grow…. and if they do come through… do we appreciate their attitude?


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