Posted: May 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

I forgot to post yesterday and I feel a sense of guilt. Is that supposed to happen Brenda Ueland (my new best writer friend). If you forget are you supposed to feel bad? What if I honestly forgot. Digressing.

I am planted in Starbucks my second unique Starbucks in 2 days and I know why people love them even without the purchase of a overpriced drink. I love the way some people are “regulars” to the staff, I love how some employees – or whatever fancy name they are called – compliment the people ordering, I love the way Benji here today beats on his chest or the way another is singing -everything- (and he has a fun tone no less!)

What I love most is that you can come here and just be whoever you want. I could be a college student (yes I will be pretending I look that young), I could be writing a love letter to a lover across the world I will never meet, I would be finishing the next great piece of smut, it doesnt matter and no one cares but in the same breathe they all care.

I wonder what the lady kitty corner from me is doing…I wonder if she curious about me.

OK – she just caught me looking at her.

Just in the same way no one cares if I order a drink, yet everyone here cares that my table is clean, my laptop is plugged in and I feel comfortable being here.

It is some blind trust and care that happens with the hidden culture of Starbucks. How can we transfer that to our classrooms?


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