Love, Success is dictated by our Location.

Posted: May 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

She Said: You ever wonder if your true soul mate is on the other side of the world. I mean we fall in love with people mostly cause of proximity.
He Said: well thats why people argue against the idea of soul mates
He Said: I agree that logically they could be anywhere in the world
She Said: But it is crazy to think we miss the chance to be with the one true person we could be most happy with because of geography.
He Said: yeah thats true, and then think of the population of the world and the likelihood of meeting your soulmate.. That would be like winning the lottery in which the world participates. What are the chances?
She Said: Unlikely.
He Said: So people work within the area they can reach
She Said: And are ultimately disappointed.
He Said: imagine your soulmate could be an african warlord based in the Congo
She Said: Could be. But if I could look at him every day and feel the same as I did when we first met.. I would be happy to watch him slaughter the lions and patch up our thatch roof.

As I again sit in the Starbucks in a more affluent neighborhood, a small gaggle of high school kids walk in and they are sitting behind me talking about hows and whens of the details of their weekend and Jax walked in.. the girls are happy to see him, he has on a v-neck sweater and boat shoes.

Digression strikes again.

Do they realize how many more opportunities will be afforded to them because of where they happened to be born and in the same regard…do kids in Englewood feel slighted because of their place of birth. What will we need to do in Education to close not just the skills gap but the location discrepancy.


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