Like a Stream hits the Stone

Posted: May 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

Somewhere in the song “For Good” right out of Wicked, there is some line which explains how the people who come in and out of our lives change the course of our world, our day to day, our forever. There is a little girl, Emily, whose family I knew growing up on the Southside of Chicago. I have watched her inspiring story from a far as she fought and just lost her battle with cancer. It is heart wrenching to imagine the emptiness the family feels today or maybe it takes a while, I couldn’t even begin to contemplate how it would run its course. I watched social media leverage a movement in a much more personal way and the power behind, amazed me. Emily loved Taylor Swift. Through the power of a community using social media not only did Taylor Swift call Emily but in concert soon after the call when the singer was performing in Tokyo she and her back up dancer wore purple and green (the colors were represented support for Emily) and the audience all had green and purple lights. Emily came in contact with Taylor Swift and perhaps changed her course of life in a small way. It is evident she has become a thought, a feeling, a reminder, an alert, a part of us here in Chicago.

It got me to thinking about those who have changed my course, people who always come to my mind randomly.

One person is the woman I worked for at Bridgeview Public Library, she was the Children’s Librarian, Ann Cubr. This was my first real job, outside of the one my Dad got me. I don’t even recall why I went there to apply for the job, something drove me there. I know sounds insane but it was the truth. I didn’t even know they were hiring. I walked in and saw a sign asking for someone to assist the Children’s Librarian. There I was. New job. Working for Ann. She taught me to take joy in my craft. Granted at the time she planned most of the arts and crafts at the Library and I worked with the kiddos. When I clearly remember it how long she would take to design a plan or idea or craft. She would sit and work and rework paper strips or glue or buttons. I was always amazed that she just never seemed to mind how long it took to get it right. Her patience was mind blowing to me –  nothing else seemed to bother her at that moment, she was completely invested in that moment.

She was one of the stones in my stream. 


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