So you Want to Write

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

Recently I have been turned onto something while wasting time on Facebook – browsing here and there until my mind was jolted by one of the most favorite things – “a list”

Top Ten List of Great Songs of the 80’s

Top Ten List of Reasons to Drink Coconut Water (Even that one can not get me to enjoy that blessed drink)

Top Ten Lists of Celebrities First Thing the Morning

I enjoy them all. This one was Top Ten Book Recommendations and somewhere on that list was this book: If You Want to Write by Brenda Ueland, copyright – 1938. Huh? What? Yes I had to look again and again. But it is true. This book written in 1938 was on this list. Hmmm. Ok. Well I wasn’t going to spend hours reading it but – oh heck I have a credit on Audible, so I grab it from there. (I needed something new to listen to in the car on the way to the job, something that would make the trip in more bearable). Books on Audible allows me to multitask and of course I still feel as if I am doing my due diligence of reading.

And this book is again making me feel alive much like Seth Godin and Scott Berkun, this book, this voice is inspiring in ways that can seldom be duplicated. The words of Brenda Ueland makes me want to walk, to write, to take a cooking class, to be lazy, to write without thinking but more so than all of those –  it is reminding me to infect.

Brenda, ( I can call her this because now I feel like I know her and we are best friends about to walk in silence for hours in tandem or shoe shop ) speaks often of Tolstoy. In one of her references she talks of how Tolstoy explains that great works of Art infects us immediately. We don’t need to think about it just makes us feel, think, want to do. That is Art.

It comes to where I am as an educator – I want to Infect. I want to create Art with teachers. I want to change the face of teaching and learning with those around me. I want to be in a place where it can change on a small or big scale. I want to come and speak from my heart and infect. An infection whose only antibody is the look of wonder, curiosity and desire to learn on the faces of the students we teach.

Get thee this 1938 book – If You Want to Write by Brenda Ueland. My two pennies – get it in Audible so you can drive feeling compelled to change as you change lanes.


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