Sometimes I feel like the Scarecrow.

Posted: May 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

Not just because somedays I honestly don’t feel like a have a brain.But rather that part in the Wizard of Oz where the scarecrow points to the left and points to the right trying to determine which way to go? I love iPads in the classroom, but then there is Google Apps and the things we can do with Web 2.o applications but then there is plain ole working in Keynote or Pages but oh how I love Garage Band and iMovie and camera apps and how about some of the totally cool things we can do with QR Codes and news aggregators and databases and electronic portfolios and podcasts and and and…… ok… you get the drift. In our digital world possibilities are endless.

Here is my dilema, well one of my dilemas, as a technology coordinator, what to introduce to who and when. Every tech tool will not work in every class and even tho I expect there to be some failure, I do really try and assist the teachers in succeeding. But how to know what works where…so here is what I learned…

Sometimes it just being in the right place at the right time. I have made more progress with some with a quick run in at the time.. cause it is when they are ready. Sometimes it has been in a huge group presentation.. and the other times it is been a revolution over email.

For this reason… I am always on the ready and willing to help. If you want to move a school and be a person.. you have to be “someone” at any time.


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