A Vending Machine – Room of Choice

Posted: June 24, 2013 in New Idears.

So….the technology labs within my school District are old. Not just old but oooold old. Not updated and pushing way past the best practice of a 3 year rotating cycle. Well here we had two choices, keep on keeping on repeating how labs have been designed in D124 for the past umteenth years OR… we could make a change.

We are making that change.

In the Fall at one of the schools within the District the lab will move from a traditional lab to a Room of Choice filled with –

  • A Technology Mashup of Laptops, Desktops & Tablets
  • Spaces for Collaboration
  • A Large Meeting Area
  • Lots of Whiteboard Spots
  • A Green Screen Studio

Here is a rough breakdown of it’s shiny new look! When my son asked me what I was doing as I was working in Google Draw, I told him what would be happening at one of the school’s and he said

“oh so it’s like a vending machine.”

I kinda dig that.



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