Groovy Apps As of Late

Posted: July 20, 2012 in Apps.

I have found some nifty apps to share as we get ready for the school year. Some of these have a cost but I can totally see them being used as a teacher tool so no need to buy a complete class set!

FeltBoard – $2.99 – The app brought me back to the days I was a children’s librarian assistant back in the day. There is something sweet and familiar about this. It will be ideal for a Lower School center for a retell or creation activity.

Barefoot World Atlas – $7.99 – Beautiful, beautiful altas filled with clear information, cartoonish pictures, photo and very easy user interface. I am aware about the expense of this app but I do remember a set of encyclopedias went for a great deal more and this is much more like an encyclopedia than any atlas I know. Unless you had a mother like mine who got our encyclopedia from Jewel – each week a new volume for .99 cents. I still never got Volume S. She must not have cooked much that week.

iF Poems – $4.99 – Just lovely. If you have any affection for poetry you must splurge on this for yourself or your class. Poems read to you by Helena Bonham Carter and Bill Nighy, among others, that just make you drift into the words. But students can also record the poems and hear them read back. There are author bios and poems set into categories, I get lost in the experience of this app.

Interactive Kid Art HD – $1.99 – A darling, interactive app which has children interacting with great works of art. Ever have Mona Lisa wink at you? Or see koi float through Monet’s Water Lilies? I have and it is so much fun!

World War II Timeline – $9.99 – Another big bucks one, I know but if you spend any amount of time with this app you will get sucked in. Videos, pictures, authentic artifacts, letters, short text, longer bits, it just rocks. Honestly, if you are studying WWII in your class this is a must have as a reference and then you don’t have to let the student lose on the scary WWW for info. This app also fluctuates in price so I think I got it for $6.99.


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