Why Writers Write on the Water

Posted: July 12, 2012 in New Idears., Thought Fulls.

In books I read in which authors tell the backstory of where they wrote the book or how they got inspiration, many discuss how they drove to a cabin outside of the distractions of everyday life and created masterpieces or at least trashy beach novels that sold millions…

So here I sit up in Door County, Wisconsin on Lake Michigan, with my computer, it’s Thursday and this is the first day I have been compelled to write. Most likely why I am not Tom Clancy. But I am reading. Books with pages, I just can’t fathom bringing my iPad to the beach. Books with pages are working just fine and I can shake the sand out of them when I get back to the cottage. And my kids are reading, reading so much

Imagethat we have made 2 runs to the bookstore in town and 1 to Walmart. Admittedly my children are not huge fans of reading but they read enough. So when they are completing books and asking for me, I don’t mind the “I need a new book Mom!” runs into town.

This got me thinking about all the students I have taught and I am about to start working with in the Fall – I wonder where they are reading all their books at?  Then it got me thinking a bit more – true that is a lot of thinking for anyone on vacation but it was happening! I started to wonder about putting summer reading into a visualization.

I would love to use Classroom Window but I am waiting for it to come out of beta – booo…But maybe using Wordle to gauge what the most popular generes were this summer. Maybe use ThingLink or Snagit and a map of the US to make an interactive image… ooo even better use Google Maps! I think that is what I might be doing. Using Google Maps and book titles and pictures and… yeah that is the ticket! Here is an easy peasy how to on inserting images into Google Maps. Here is one a weee bit more complicated with the actual Google Earth – but for me I think Google Maps will work just fine!


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