How to Teach 101.

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Thought Fulls.

My very first education courses consisted of educational pedagody and well…how to make a cute lesson plans – WITHOUT the help of the Interbutts – but I still I managed to get a job teaching and I haven’t ruined too many children’s futures, well at least I don’t think I have. First time standing up in front of the class was no big deal for me, heck, I loved the fact I had an audience that I could threaten with an F if they didn’t laugh at my jokes – Wait nevermind that last part.

Coming from a theatre background while I presented lessons, I could tell these wild tales of history or sing improvised songs about phonetics. My voice would change as I read stories and I would dance my way along the number line, the elementary kids ate it up and the older ones would beg me to retell them some scary, spooooky story, I knew. Yes, I could perform, entertain, put on the dog and pony show every day. Should we have to do that as teachers? Well…I sure as heck wouldn’t want to sit in a room 6 hours a day with people who spoke in monotones and put me to sleep…if I ever paid to attend a conference and that is what I got I would demand a refund.

My thought – perhaps in the education curriculum, a requirement should be a public speaking course so we do not begin to sound like “Bueller, Bueller…..Anyone…anyone?”

Just some thoughts.


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