C = You Hate My Kid

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Thought Fulls.

This is prolly less on the techno discussion side than most of my posts but it has had me reflecting,no no, it most certainly is. One day good ole Mr. Phillips and I were talking about grades and the typical frustrations we all face as the final report cards come out. Frankly, we understand, no one likes C’s. I get. I have gotten 2 Cs in my education..ok maybe 3 but the last one didn’t count. First C – high school geometry… grrr. Second C – StageCraft in college… GRRRRR! Yes I still fester a bunch of anger about them, but why? Why do they still haunt me? A “C” means average, you have adequatedly understood the material. Yet we hate “C”s. It as if “A” has become the Average instead of the above Average. But I am wandering away from my original thinking.

I’ll start again, one day Mr. Phillips and I are chatting and we begin to notice that within our current school community, some parents are beginning to have the mentality that if a students gets a C, we teachers hate thier kid or think that their kid is a bad egg. When I reflected about the parent discussions I have had since I have been at Tarkington, it is alarmingly true. Some parents are no longer seeing the correlation between learning and grades, rather they view grades are measures of behavior. Even if we tell them differently.

Odd. I don’t know the solution, really. Removing grades entirely? This could result in mayhem. Something to ponder is all.


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