These are a Few of my Favorite Apps.

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Apps.

(Dang Sound of Music Soundtrack playing in my head now!)

As I was trying to list the favorite apps at Tarkington, I steered away from ones which are more popular faves, like Popplet, Education &  Toontastic. Dandy apps but we know about them already! And awaaaay we go!

Let’s Do This

Pic Collage (free): Powerful free creation app which has endless possibilities.
Interactive Drawing Pad (free): Best drawing app for Primary folks. Hands Down!
Tools4Students ($.99): Templates for tons of mind mapping sheet you would normally copy for the students.. all right there and then easy peasy lemon squeezy ability to email.
Keynote ($9.99): While costly, I do think it is a wonderful for students to be creative at the same time it aides them in picking out important facts. (Golly I do have slideshows with entire paragraphs on them!!!!!… yes that is multiple exclamation marks, it is how much I hate it) And it also allows them to practice public speaking.

Math-A-Roo Stuff

Geometry Pad (free): – Never need graphing paper again.
Oh No Fractions (free):  –
Math Scribe (free): – This calculator will carry you through every math course you will ever encou
Geom-e-Tree ($.99): – Fancy, wonderful way to see shapes and angles change in relation to each other. At tree completion there is tree-rific overview (I couldn’t resist).
Map Measure ($2.99) or Measure Map ($1.99 ): Both do a pretty cool job of illustrating perimeter and area on a map.
MoneyTrail (free) – Meant to be an app for parents and kids to keep track of money and teach teens a thing or two but I can totally see our math teachers using it!

Games Worth Class Time

Strategic Games are a benefit for kids, it has them thinking and gets their brains working! Here are some that make mine work.

Geared – (Free) – Strategic thinkers required.
Reversi Free (Free… I just duhhed myself as I typed free after it is mentioned in the name…) For those of us who remember playing Othello, this will look really familiar.

Something for the Teacher Peeps – Just some I love…for lil ole me

PhotoSync –  ($1.99): I like it. Install app. Download software on your machine and blam-o. Couple clicks and you are syncing your photos wirelessly. You can also drop them into Evernote or Dropbox or another idevice. No cords. Perfect app for the ever popular – just get it done right now folks – like me!
Band of the Day –  (Free): Awesomest way to hear some new stuff.
Zite – (Free) – One of my most favorite way to stay ontop of techie techie news.

I don’t know Where to Stick this One

ScoreKeeper (Free) – Digital way to replace the tallies on the board and I love the user interface.

And now I officially have to post this and get it out of my draft posts or I will be a mad hatter.

  1. Tracy Pease says:

    Thank you for a great list. Already downloaded Tools4Students. Love Zite as well. Some great apps mentioned.

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