Strategy of Angry Birds.

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Thought Fulls.

Ok…so with my 3 kids, my husband and I sit through a lot of sports and performances, I mean.. a lot and while  yes I do love it. I do… I love it more days than others tho… But most of the time I am glued – watching every single dribble, save, basket, song, poke check, dance interlude & free shot they have to offer. However,  there are some down times. It is during these times I usually have Angry Bird tournaments with the children who are -not- actively involved (while they are claiming that they have never been more bored in their whole entire life. I swear how do those dang Duggers do it!).

Back to Angry Birds. My daughter is incredible when it comes to beating the any and all levels and without cheats!  She does it with a cool, calm exterior which is a fierce contrast to my shaking the iPad tactic to see if it will make my last moving boulder will fall on the darn tiniest pig face. I grumble, I groan and I had the iPad over to Lily. Bam-o she beats the level. Next time, I watch and I ask her how she did it! This is where my learning took place. She described in great detail how she decided to shot the Exploder (yes, she has names for all of them)  at the big pig because it had the helmet on. It didn’t stop there, she continued to twist and swirl a wonderful tale of strategy, skill and risk all the while as we sat in the stands at the ice rink. All the while in the ice rink, she became a teacher and strategiest.

This made me think about the pure joy of giving students the opportunity to be educated within their environment. Not power gaming them into little learning boxes that at one time seemed so right. I go back to why I teach, I teach so that others will learn. Now if I was to attempt to teach Lily how to strategize by having her research the war tactics of General Patton, that would have gone over like …did I mention my daughter does one heck of an pre teen eye roll? But by allowing her to explore high level order thought process within her own environment, she succeeds.

It is out of our comfort zone to meet the kids in the middle but in that middle place, we might just find learning.


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