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Posted: May 16, 2012 in Over The Moon

Alright, I gotta. I gotta tell you about what amazing, trusting teachers I work with. Most of the time when I have a technology integration project ideas for my teachers, they nod and smile, even if I sound nuts and then they give it the ole college try. Some days I can offer more support then others based on my schedule. But Tarkington is seeing a techno-lution and I couldn’t be more proud.

As I stalk the web and my feeds for grant opportunities I pass them along to the classroom teachers. When the requirements allow, I collaborate with them on the grant writing, or I also write a version of the grant, because I learned early on to never ask someone to do something I wasn’t willing to do myself but all this stuff below is totally all them! So I am just going to brag a bit:

Ms. Tsakeris emailed me a week ago with an opening line of:

“Hey Darche,
Remember that tech grant you encouraged me to fill out?”

She had me right about there and yup she won the C-Jam award which will give her a full-blown set of recording equipment, camcorders, tripods, microphones, among other goodies. Ms. Tsakeris teaches social studies and next year we are going to roooock it by bringing history to life and current events to the halls of Tarkington.

Ok.. Next. Adobe does this amazing Youth Voices Program where you are given copies of the Adobe Suite to use and then they support you and your students in creating, designing and producing projects. Yup… you guessed it…Ms. Bailey, one of the 8th grade teachers and I applied and we were told a few days ago that we were accepted to participate!

Finally, months ago, I came across a small little Tweet talking about something called Classroom Champions. An organization which pairs up students with Olympic athletes or Para-Olympic athletes. Now, I applied and I encouraged the whole staff to apply, I figured the more of us who did, they greater the chance we had in winning. Myself and 3 other teachers, Ms. Montell, Ms. Stefan and Ms. Berman took a shot.. and last night Classroom Champions emailed us! They have requested a conference call between all of us and now we don’t know what exactly but… after jokingly emailing back and telling them that waiting to Thursday for the conference call was one heck of a way to build suspense, this is the emailed I received:

“Haha, thanks Kim!  And it would just be mean if we wanted to convene you all to tell you bad things :)”

(I am secretly so excited, I had to write this blog post before I even went into school, I can’t wait to talk to all of them this morning!)


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