Digital Learning Day

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

On the Day of Digital Learning – I reflected. (yes.. this is another post I …um.. started…)

Our students, the digital natives, those whose births were announced on Facebook or even broadcasted on YouTube, technology is part of them. The amount of knowledge they have available to them is never ending. They have the ability to discover any answer they wish. Perhaps that is the problem, lots of them don’t “want” to know anything. Or maybe they don’t know that they want to know or that they don’t know that it is ok to want to know something that isn’t school related. Or don’t even realize they are learning!

Do they know they are “learning” when they look up cheat codes for Halo? Do they know they are actually “learning” when they have to ask someone where they bought their shoes? They are sating their curious need. They have inputed some data into their brains! Part of the reasons we are failing our kids is because they are not being taught to see themselves learning. A great post by Ms. Biology demonstrates with inspiration from one of my favorite educators, Marzano, how we can help students see themselves learning within the classroom.

I have come to the unfavorable conclusion that I just want kids to learn. Simple. I want them to learn so that they can share their ideas with a public audience and I want them to learn so that they can discover the answers to their own problems. I want them to be resilient, critical learner and teachers in their digital world.


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