And Now Prezi… Ahead of Animoto!

Posted: May 12, 2012 in Presentations.

There are all these really great tools we as teachers and presenters usually take advantage of these in ways that thrill and excite our audiences. I do take up a few issues when it comes to these tools. Alright, you might want to grab some water this might take a while…. I’ll wait.


Oh! Ok good you are back. Before I begin, if you fall under any of these categories, I am very sorry I don’t mean to offend…instead see this as helpful tips. ūüôā

1. A Slide is Just Like a Piece of Paper.
This is a shout out to all those who type incredibly long, drawn out paragraphs about what they want to say on Keynote or Powerpoint Slides. People! That is what word documents or PDFs are for! Please, please stop….bullet important data.. on slides!

2. Powerpoint is the Only Tool You Can Use.
Granted,¬†Prezis¬†can be a bit much for those who get motion sickness and¬†Keynote¬†might be too incredibly smooth and ubber terrific for you to use and then of course¬†Ahead¬†just might have too much of a learning curve, but please college professors let me have a choice! Please!! (True story – I did ask my professor if I could use something else besides PPT and she told me…no. Can you say STIFLING?!)

3. Wait Let Me Open Up This Link to Show a Movie.
Presentations are supposed to be easy on the eye and on the speaker! Take a minute, Google “how to put a movie into a powerpoint slide” and then work it out! It works, I promise you!

4. Get Thee a Clicker.
Yes, they are worth it. Yes, it will make me not want to jump up on the stage every time you run back to your computer to “click”.

5. Honestly, honestly. I can read.
I am coming to a presentation to hear you speak, off the cuff. Tell me something. Inspire me. Don’t read off the screen, cause next time… I will get the ebook.

6.  Students Need SOME Direction, Unless They Work at IKEA.
I am all for allowing students to figure out the “how” when it comes to technology, but for the love of Pete, give them some guidance, some rubric. Otherwise you will end up with slides that say – “George Washington – President” and that is it.


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