A Funny Thing Happened to Me on the Way to School.

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Thought Fulls.

When I go through life I often see something or do something and think “ok Darche.. remember this.. remember this…” Cause I know as I get on in age….cause you can only be 21, er 25, er , well anyway…I do understand that my brain can not remember everything or every moment even the very best or worst of them, they fade. But there have been many times when I see my kids do something, I just want to not forget one single solitary sensation of that moment. This is when I mantra myself to remember it.

I realized that in a way this blog will help me do that, in a way a diary did for the Brady girls. I still can’t believe Peter read Marci most deepest darkest secrets. Much like Marcia this blog will be a way for me, years down the road to remember this fantastical journey I had as a technology coach, teacher, learner and whatever comes my way. And we as teachers can do this for our students through blogging. We can open up a world for them to record their journey through their learning process, understand how they have grown and changed and see actual learning through blogging or tweeting or another online recording device.

So for today… I drove over Nabisco Hill, it was chocolate chip cookie day, best smells around. As I was stopped at a red light, a bird came right up to my windshield and fluttered, right there and off it went. As I was getting out of my car,this happened:

(there is a little butterfly there…. in case you missed it)


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