It’s Evidence!

Posted: April 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Two quick stories as I end a crazy week and begin a weekend full of hockey and basketball and theatre and as much geekiness as I can fit in. First, personally. I have three children, two boys and a girl and in the mornings they have to walk two blocks to their school. Rule is they leave at 8:35, not too early, not so late they have to rush. My oldest is hell bent on leaving at 8:35 on the dot and if his siblings are not ready he leaves. This infuriates my daughter. Another rule from a crazy mom, they have to text me when they get to school. Now.. that ends the foreword and here we are on Monday of this week and I get a text from my daughter about 8:36 with the picture below attached:

Along with the picture came “Danny left with out us! He is the little black shape far far.  Away.”  Yes it actually made me giggle for quite a while.

Now fast forward to today. At Tarkington we celebrated a “Day of Silence” The students pledged silence for the day to protest bullying. In one of our 5th grade rooms, there sits Carlos. Pledge taken. All set to go. Ms. Berman begins her lessons, writing instructions on the board and Carlos raises his hand. She points to him and he holds the iPad up and Ms. Berman hears a computer generated voice  – “This is great! The iPad can talk for me!” Again – the giggles ensued.

These two stories help me illustrate why using technology in the classroom is so, so just a right choice. It is the world in which our students exist and will continue to exist in. By using technology in the classroom we are arming them with the skill set they need to feel comfortable with computers and have a sense of resiliency to “figure it out” with any tech issue regardless of whether it is a PC, a Mac, a tablet or whatever else the future holds.


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