Transitioning during Transformation at Tarkington

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Thought Fulls.

(Golly Gee – Who doesn’t love a title filled with alliteration)

So right, you can begin to transform your classroom without 32 iPads. Of course, but here is the deal-io I am working with as the school years leaps over the half-way mark.

Setting: 3rd Grade 1:1 Classroom
Characters: Very eager, very inquisitive, very concerned students, an amazed teacher and me.
Prelude: Swelling music, children dancing around, hoisting their iPads up in the air and spinning about with joyful expression. Teacher humming as petite bluebirds land on her wrists.
Scene: As I waltz into the room, the children encircle me and hug me, thanking me for the iPads, fighting over who was to tell me first their lastest iPad activity. Suddenly, I notice David in the corner, clutching his iPad to his chest. Parting the students, David looks up to me, looking terrified! Lowering to his level, I ask him what could be perplexing him! Peering up, he stares at me and says “Ms. Darche…. what will happen next year in 4th Grade… when I don’t have an iPad?” Teacher and all the students, turn and stare at me…

Fade to Black. 

Dramatic? Maybe a bit, however in someways it isn’t. It is a real concern of these students who will move into a more “traditional” classroom. Not to say that the only way to transform a classroom is to fill it with iPads, but it does aide in moving the teacher from the front of the classroom to the center of it. At Tarkington, we are at the initial position to the transitional stage…..(to be continued)


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