Spring Break: Breathing.

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Thought Fulls.

Over the past few weeks of school and life has been a bit on the scrambled eggs side. You know when you are making scramble eggs, you can’t just leave the eggs alone for too long or they will crust to the bottom of the pan and leave this thin, yellow, inedible layer, which essentially robs you of one egg? Instead you have to stand and stir, fluffing and folding, warding off any chance of all too well baked eggs and resulting in a delicious breakfast.

Taking up my time has been things I love, ok so getting the Mac Mini Server to run properly – is NOT one of my favorite things to do, really, really not. I was told this would ease some of the workflow of electronic student work. But honestly, it has just been driving me batty to get it to work correctly within the CPS networking system, but I just wait until I return from break, I shall be victorious! (I just heard the trumpant call in my head…).

Other than that, I have been working on a variety of projects and with numerous teacher, oh and begging my principal to purchase more iPad carts for Tarkington. To which, I have been triumphant. With the addition of the 4 additional carts to our halls we will have seven 1:1 classrooms. Can you say…. new adventures! I pray now that the networking gods are with me as I integrate them!

Moving forwards – oh! That reminds me! I heard this most wonderfully fun story.  I was speaking to a teacher friend of mine about how dull professional development days can be… (of course, never at Tarkington :/) and she told me the tale of how her and some of colleagues play a drinking game at faculty meetings. Now, now before you call the papers and report on a bunch of drunken teachers, let me explain.

I mean it, put your smartphone down…. So every school has “finger quote” words.

‘Piggy back on that.’
‘Let’s put in a pin in that.’
‘Possibly next year.’

And there are oodles of others depending on which school’s meeting you are sitting in on. This teacher told me how some of her faculty members needed a way to stay awake during their development days. And thus the game was born. Each teacher playing begins with a bottle of water and when one of the key phrases were spoken, they had to take a drink. Now, it meant that at any given time a number of them would prolly have to use the bathroom but it did assist in passing the time.

Lesson I have learned….When planning a professional development day….be more exciting than a bottle of water.


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