Inspired by Another.

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

A fellow CPS teacher, Matthew Murphy, created a killer-diller video discussing how to combat the shrinking tech budgets and to boot, the video made me giggle multiple times. Hee-hee.

One line he used was based off an old saying “You go to war with the army you have not the army you want.” Matt stated “You go to class with the school you have not the school you want”.

It was a bit like a kick in the backside, I mean how many of us have said “Oh I could totally integrate technology into my classroom if I had 35 iPads or if everyone of my kids had laptops or if they all have internet access at home….” but ya know, it isn’t always possible and may not ever be possible in the schools in which we teach. So where does that leave us? pining away for gadgets and pouting until we do – reverting to using nothing but poster boards for projects and 5 year old textbooks? No! I say no! We look around within our schools, see what we have and take the keyboard by the homerow. Hee Haw!

For me. In my classroom, I will dispose of all my pens except 5 and nothing but a pile of ‘just in case’ index cards. I

shall retire my copier code (my copier code was passed around the teachers like lip gloss is pass between the 7th grade girls anyway .. so no big loss). I shall put out a call to my teachers to decrease their allotted copies.. yeah that might not go over so well..but a girl can try.

Maybe an incentive? iTunes gift card? Extra planning period, sponsored by moi? Just. might. work.

Thanks for the inspiration, Matt, but  dap nabbit.. I do wish for about 125 more iPads in my school next year. Grrrrr.


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