Listen… Take a Breath..Put in a Period.

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Apps.

Many of us who have iPads in the classrooms are finding such amazing ways to change our teaching. Old ideas being elevated and new ideas blossoming with the help of these tools. The 3rd grade teachers at Tarkington are no exception.

There are numerous recording apps and some of the best ones are free as bird, which of course we teachers love a dove (two feathered friend references in one sentence… niiice). Back to business.

We have been using the recording apps for a variety of tasks. Some of our bi-lingual students can vocalize but are still struggling with the written word, so they are recording their essay responses. Some are using it to record math concepts they have to memorize and developing their own study guides and so on…

But here is the one that gets a gold star.

Our 3rd graders have an affection for run-ons. I mean who really needs periods or commas anyway? Duh. Even still they do make reading go a bit more smoothly. Just a bit. During writer’s workshop as the editing process begins, the students have a chance to record their work. As they listen back, they are instructed to pay attention for when they take a breathe, when they do it is a very good indication that there should be a punctuation mark there.

Such a simple way to aide in the proofreading process, instead of the students just staring at the words and saying “I’m done.”

Now. I am done.


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