I Love a Google Doodle … and Why?

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

As I followed the CES in Vegas via numerous blogs and podcasts it brought me back to a thought that often runs through my head …Are there any brand new ideas anymore. I mean the creation of the wheel.. yes totally new idea but was it, really, I mean there was a circle before that? Right? Ok the lightbulb. See. New idea. But in fact there was the sunlight and candles. Perhaps everything is just an evolution. A build upon, something greater than what was, a one up.

But gosh golly if every time I look at a Doodle Google, I think now that is clever. Taking the simple 4 letters, two repeated and create magic. Designs that evoke laughter and thought and mystery and a curiosity ultimately leading to a new bit of knowledge. Many of my students knew about SOPA the next day in class, wanna know how?

I am fairly certain, I just heard someone say “yes”.

The dang black box over the word Google. Simple gesture caused them to sit up, take notice and become aware.

Even if I am not using the actual Google page as I don’t very often anymore, I do admire it and often visit the gallery just to oodle the

doodles. I often think they would make excellent leaping off points for a student’s research project. I mean do you know who Park Wan-suh is? I didn’t until

Let’s not forget the Doodle 4 Google contest is once again open!


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