Will you Montage Me?

Posted: January 16, 2012 in New Idears.
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A good Web 2.0 just makes me giddy and Montage is no different. After spending sometime on debating if introducing this to the students was a bit of “cheating” when it came to internet research and I definitively decided – Nope. Maybe a little but just because we can walk everywhere doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t drive.

Down to business, the Web 2.0 app, Montage is basically a feeder, but it works via topic rather than site and you don’t need to subscribe for any length of time to receive results. 

Now teacher’s are supposed to know EVERYTHING right? Well we did at one time when they used to supply teacher manuals a decade ago. For now we might have to freshen up on a topic we are teaching or research some new developments. And here arrives Montage.  Perfect way to gather all the latest and greatest on a topic.

After choosing a topic as I did – Internet Usage – the app seeks out recent posts about the topic and you have a layout of summaries from the topic. Bam! Here ya go…. The Internet! 

Impressed yet? I will hit you with another, you can edit each section, choose a different news post or even a different image…if it is a person you can have the their twitter tags running along the side.. Now I bet you are thinking of how you can incorporate this into your class.

  • Set up a page of research for your students to use so they are not just spending out -not- finding “anything” on the web as they explore a topic.
  • Discover current info about an author or any topic.
  • Use it as an assessment tool for older students (yes it requires a login but alas we just have to work around it like an abundance of Web 2.0 apps)
  • Fresh up your own knowledge.
  • Help your 8 year old research the Ray Emery, goalie for the Blackhawk, oh wait no that is WHAT I am using it for this evening.

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