Well Just When I Thought I Did Dun Saw It All.

Posted: January 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

So in discussing our iPads and what we fancy about them, one teacher told me about the Belkin Fridge Mount.Now this may have been around for months, you all may have one, I may be tardy for the party (Terrible Real Housewives reference, I acknowledge it), but I will be a monkey’s uncle if I didn’t order up one from Amazon straight away.

Oh free shipping 5-8 days please hurry!

Now besides this post being about discussing some new fancy toy bringing me one step closer to being Jane Jetson it illustrates, my joy of discovering. And that is one commitment I have for my teaching whether it be of students or of other educators. Use technology to discover, new ideas, new fascinations, new goals.

Even as we are assimilating iPads into our curriculum here at Tarkington with apps and Google forms and other exciting steps into the 21st Century. My hope is to observe a child perplexed with a question or hear terminology they don’t understand and use technology via a ‘puter or an iDevice to expand their knowledge.

For example, since I have already openly confessed I watch the Real Housewives… A few days ago while watching the Beverly Hills Wives, I wondered who had the highest net worth. Leaning over grabbing my iPad I was enlightened with the knowledge that it is Adrienne Maloof. Granted it may not by the most intellectual example but it is a truthful one. Point being when I have a curiosity, I educate myself and use technology to do so.


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