Why do I always get the Turkey?

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Like every good teacher who attends workshops or conferences, I know the value of… box lunches. All of us have walked down the row of tables lined with brown cardboard boxes, pretending as if we are reading what is in each one… as if we would take something different but we always take the Turkey or whichever sandwich has worked once for us. So why are we so fearful of the vegetarian or the chicken salad?

I think of the turkey when I am asking teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms, cause getting the roast beef can be scary! To take that leap, not knowing how their taste buds classrooms, their lessons will react to technology integration, can be intimidating. It is then that I just move slowly, change the chips or just add in an oatmeal cookie instead of the chocolate chip instead of flip-flopping out the entire menu.

Each instructor has certain needs, each group of students has their own challenges, so it is impossible to just plop one technology idea out their for my entire school. Imagine, if you would: Unlimited funds – iPads all around! Sounds great but I could guarantee that if that was the case there would be classrooms filled with dusty, never swiped iPads.

The solution for me as I try and work with teachers to integrate technology isn’t a one size fits all (as if those even exist). Early on in my Techie Days, I was working with my husband’s kindergarten teacher (yes she was around when the Palmer Handwriting Method was in full swing). Asking her to use Front Page (yes.. it was that long ag0) would have been frustrating not only for her but also for me. Instead I introduced her to a website ABCTeach. Now it is a mind blowing, earth shattering, redefining education wesbite? Well for her it was. She could visit there discover new crafts for her students, fresh handouts and some nifty ideas. She considered herself a technology aficionado and heck if  I didn’t let her believe that. Technology suddenly became exciting to her, attainable. As the year went on, she did progress further and further but she indeed needed a small step in order to receive a BIG boost of confidence. It was like giving her an extra cookie in her boxed lunch.

Now just this past month I delivered a set of 13 iPads to a 5th grade teacher. I instructed her to make a website using Google Sites, familiarize herself with VoiceThread and post a starter assignment to Edmodo for the weekend and if she had any questions I would be on Yahoo that night.

She hugged me, thanked me for the great opportunity and was beaming when I left the class.

She got the Tuna Fish.

  1. JCV says:

    Today is a big day for me. I promise I will pass up on the turkey. I will be an adventurer!!!!!!!!!!

    Probably not tuna though.

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