xBox. xBox. xBox.

Posted: December 14, 2011 in New Idears.
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A kindergartener walks into a computer lab and…

learns that clicking on the “X” will end all their fun.

Speaking of  “x”es.

We, at Tarkington School, were lucky enough to receive an xBox and a Kinect as a pilot program through CPS. I have been exploring the most suitable ways to use it in the classroom. And boy oh boy are the kids excited about it. Of course they do think we will be playing Black Ops with it …and once again I have to bust their little bubbles. Within the classrooms we have been Using Body and Brain which integrates math and kinesthetic learning. Also we have put together some incentive programs which incorporate Kinect Sports. But here are the highs and the lows:

Merely wheeling the machine down the hallways illicits excitement unmatched.
Classroom participation is 100% during the activities.
Mention of the xBox coming into the room is one of the best behavior modifiers.
Students argue over who is next to practice reviewing math concepts.

Finding my hands on the screen… can take a while.
Other children in view of the sensor seriously effects the accuracy of it.
It is truly only made for one person usage.
Firewall issues and Avatar Kinect… puts a downer on shared spaces.

I am fully aware that we are using something made for home use and integrating it into the classrooms, so we must be creative and flexible and willing to take chances. There are some kinks to be worked on but I am looking forward to when I get it, when I have my lightbulb moments… A-Ha moments aren’t just for kids, like Trix is.

Two ways I am striving for the A-Ha moment is working to understand how to use Kinect Hacks  and using the recording studio as a presentation tool.

Stay posted for the “I got it!”

  1. JCV says:

    Okay, “I get it!”

    The kids can’t play Black Ops, I get that. More importantly though, will I be allowed to play? I need my “a-ha” moment too.

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