I like my Converse.

Posted: December 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

After many, many, many.. wait no scratch that, reverse it… after a few years of teaching, I have come to realize a need to begin documenting some of my experiences, examples and explorations with the world bigger than my school in the South Side of Chicago.

Upon getting my feet wet working with seniors in my neighborhood who would in all honesty attempt to make the screens of 1999 – touch screens when asked to push the “Start” button. Golly they were ahead of their time and didn’t even know it.  But all well and good, I discovered quickly the amount of patience would be needed to teach technology. Do yourself a favor…learn this lesson early.

Beside patience I also learned I was in my happy place (like when I wear my converse shoes) when I was teaching them, so in with both feet I went to become a computer teacher, in its simplest terms. I do hate the term – computer teacher- but that is a whole other post in of itself.

Off I went running, educating myself to write technology plans, trusting myself to remember admin passwords and logins, holding my breathe when I had to hard restart the school server and receiving those little highs when every last printer in the building was printing. Students from pre-K to 8th graders flooded my lab, teachers asked me to aide in integrating technology into their lessons and I was filled with the desire to catch the next best thing.

Here I sit now where I spend part of my days coaching teachers and the other part exposing middle schoolers to what I consider the most important class of their school day. And finally getting the courage to publish my tales to uncharted internet world and hope that possibly maybe someone reads them.

  1. ExSchoolTechie says:

    Love my Converse too… but they get too bloody cold in Winter 😛

  2. Colleen Ray Spiegelman says:

    Darche- I love your writing!!! I had several laugh out loud moments! Keep it up! I don’t know what I would do without you at Tarkington!

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